Thursday, August 25, 2016

Who is in Charge Here?

With technologies emerging these days that are figuring out how to do everything we want, how do those of us fairly free of technophobia address real concerns about our species thriving in the middle and long terms? Take food tech. Scientists have been employed by food companies to figure out how to get us to eat more food with higher profit margins. The consequence of this is a nearly 70% obesity rate and climbing.

The ignorant and fear based folks rail against lost freedoms when a city tries to inject humanitarian reason into controls on things like sugared sodas and hidden ‘goodies’ in fast food. Strangely, these same folks seem to be the primary victims of these corporate policies, while the money paves the way toward health oblivion.

In fact, it seems that the money made by various industries, including energy, transportation, healthcare, education, et al, is plowed right back into making sure these industries keep their stranglehold on our souls. Against EVERYONE’S self and collective interest.

Without some significant change agent, the near term results make The Matrix look U-topian, not DIS-topian.

Again, I am betting that Game Based Learning that Does Work is going to come to the rescue. Of course, it will be disruptive to one and all. When kids are actually learning somewhere near their real potential, they will not have anything to do with current industries’ products. And when their gameplay produces the satisfaction of their needs, current industrial philosophy will quickly disappear.

Almost everyone believes that Advertising is evil. And, like the bad religion and bad science, which no post modern thinker regards with less than disdain, advertising has been pimped by ignorance and incompetence. Good advertising would have the highest integrity toward the consumer, would be an ‘agent’ lobbying FOR the consumer and would have laser sharp focus on the exact parameters of every product with the goal of educating the consumer on EVERYTHING they need to know to get the most value in any product to enhance their life.

Next time - HOW!?

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