Thursday, August 11, 2016

Two Big Ideas

Today’s thoughts are going to be a kind of cultural memetic portmanteau of Two Big Ideas.

The Two Big Ideas with which I’ve been obsessed for about the last three weeks, an ironic pinnacle: Trump, heretofore referred to as, or when requesting your support,; and Pokemon Go, which emerged slouching rapidly towards Bethlehem on 8/6/2016.

eing Fan Ultima of the Dialectic, a binary such as this comes around only once in a lifetime. Starting with what will emerge as the 99.99%ile winner years from now, regardless of the political outcome this fall, is P-Go. P-Go is only the first, not even the first, certainly yet to be eclipsed by an uncountable horde of ‘games’ to come. Each with elements of the last, elements of the brand new and some je ne sais quoi magic we are only bubbling up now. As it ever was.

But what’s new?

What’s new is that an uncritical mass of people began doing whatever they needed to do to win/play the game how they liked. In a ‘drumpfest’ kinda town, one night at 12:30am, a neighbor slaving over a cauldron of crazy making chemicals (literally, a guy there recently went nuts, trying to buy a gun to shoot his boss, et al) ventured into the night with a work bud, to hunt P-Go. There were over 50 people hunting ~45 P-Go. Many Men of Color, assorted other geeks and three uniformed peace officers chasing P-Go right in with everybody.

P-Go 101: How to get everyone to play nice together!

Apparently, there isn’t a word from drumpfest on how to pimp P-Go.
HRC is working on it. You know, the usual criminal untrustworthy type things. Like putting P-Go at the polls, putting campaign material near P-Go. BTW, those are two different things, for those of you suddenly figuring out how to violate campaign laws virtually.

Anyhoo, suddenly bazillions of peeps (I don’t question the #s) are hopping up all over chasing P-Go. Presently, I hear folks getting guided to exercise in order to get the little P-Go,

And now I’m imagining that a vast array of IA’s (Intelligent Agents) are advancing on our pleasure. It has figured out in a very God Like (Spinoza’s God as per Einstein) fashion, how to use our bodies’ natural capacities for experiencing pleasure to program us to do all the things we should to live as long as we can with as much pleasure as we can.

The Hedonic Principle

First Thought - who’s gonna act out in self and other destructive ways in opposition to it?

Second Thought - I can’t wait to have a discussion with those folks with the greatest capacity to envision all the creative things we will do with The Hedonic Principle as our guidance. Some prefer eudaimonia, the interest in growth, meaning, authenticity, excellence, as opposed to mere pleasure. Not sure this isn’t a hedge against fear….

Third Thought - We will have some form of collective control over our ability to kill ourselves or others, even behave in a way that is too far from a current parameter without serious supervision. And that leads to the

Fourth Thought - How can I get away from it?

Now, that last thought is akin to Freud’s Thanatos, the urge for oblivion, the seeming goal of western fans of Buddhism. For me, more of a Sufi, ‘this’ is about the eternal Breath, Dance, Song!

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