Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Life's Arc to Enlightenment

If Breathing Was The Goal

After much practice (20K hours) since 1981, my practice these days, as soon as I ‘think’ of breathing, I perform a number of steps including taking a deep sigh release breath right away, noticing any pain and/or muscular tension in order of intensity. Taking more deep breaths as I relax tensions until a creative thought distracts me.

Rinse, repeat. All day, every day.

Of all the things I’ve done including drugs sex music food health business philosophy math literature art science et al...enlightenment.

All activities that have fascination and feedback for pleasure.

Breathing into each thing infuses the holy spirit if you will into one’s awareness. That is, one ‘becomes’ the holy spirit in direct experience, at least within the boundaries of one’s sensorium. Peter Fenner’s Radiant Mind has quite an elucidation of the process. What helps us dissolve into ‘it’; what thoughts/fears bring us out of it. Even more, what parts of our lives are facilitative, what parts are still ‘grist for the mill’, as Ram Dass says.

Before this recent phase, I had worked up to a solid block of about four hours of effortless streaming orgasmic nondual experience a day. It took me from four to six hours of practices a day to achieve that. And it took about 20 years of conscious breathing two hours a day, plus directing the clinical practice of about ten thousand hours of breathwork therapy with clients during this time.

In my mid sixties now, I think that took a lot of time to achieve. I look back on all the ‘work’ I did in many ways to get to this point.

Fundamentally, it makes me want to live for a very long time!

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