Thursday, August 25, 2016

What Kind of Art Am I?

Back in the 60s, I noticed that Music could be categorized into 1) One Dimensional, or one Frequency kind of music, like classical, blues or country, and 2)Multidimensional, with a number of levels going on at the same time. An example includes Broadway Musicals, with music expressing various characters within a number of plot intersecting lines.

But then the British Invasion occurred, with the Beatles Stones Yardbirds, et al. There was blues, with a blue-grass influence. There were a couple of things going on. Best example was the Beatles, where there was certainly that boy/girl love song initially but then other levels began to emerge. With Rubber Soul, Revolver and the inimitable Sgt. Pepper (in spite of the Stones’ Satanic Majesties Request). It seemed that from verse to verse, song to song, and then, album to album, there was almost every level of consciousness imaginable flowing in and around the music.

When I began to study Yoga, using the Chakra/Endocrine Gland Personality model, it became clear what those ‘levels’ were. As I began to understand Spiritual Psychology I was able to apply different therapies to different kinds of problems, much like one Yoga posture affects one endocrine gland and another posture a different one.

So, extrapolating to the larger arena of Art Media, I could see the connections between a work of Art and it’s fans.

Having practiced a number of professions, I began to think, how could I be facilitative of other people at all levels, instead of getting stuck in a one dimensional role?

Discovering Breathwork Therapy was a watershed, where I could meet clients right where they lived, so to speak, and bring them into higher more connected awareness. Now, I feel connected to musicians, neuroscientists, biologists, physicists, athletes and business folks!

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